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Why does the thought of a home office always seem so daunting? We always see these customized desks and intricate built in shelving units on home make-over shows that completely consume entire rooms. But, in a three to six-month stay, that just doesn’t really make sense. You’re going to have to leave the place sooner or later!

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The trick is to create a space that you are able to transfer and transform from one nook to another. So, here are a few tips and fun ideas to try!

Spare Room

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This transition is probably the easiest and most convenient if you find yourself with an extra space. The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a desk in the corner, as most likely this room will have a dual purpose. Next, find a bookcase or an armoire with French doors and place it next to your desk. A piece like this will allow you to set up a printer and keep it hidden, store supplies, and also act as an additional storage unit that keeps everything neatly hidden away. By keeping this area condensed, you will have the rest of the room to utilize as a spare bedroom, playroom or den. This concept can also be applied to any other room in an apartment. Don’t rule out a home office in your bedroom. Work in your pajamas is THE BEST!

Hallway Station

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This solution requires organization and a little creativity, but works great if you are lacking on extra space. Investing in a floating desk that you can take with you from place to place works great for these nontraditional setups. It keeps the desk out of the way if company is over, and is easy to access when you need it. Most are easy to assemble, too! Big bonus: they can act as a decorative shelf or storage unit. If drilling into your wall isn’t your cup of tea, then try placing a desk in a hallway opening, using the threshold as your focal point. This will still give you room to maneuver around each side access where you need to go. The trick to a hallway office is keeping everything small, neat and organized. Remember – less is more!

Closet Transformation

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Last but not least is the closet office! This office setup is probably the most versatile and creative of them all! Step one: You’ll need to purchase a desk that can fit inside your closet, so search small. If you can’t find a desk, then it’s time to DIY. Get two mobile filing cabinets and an already finished flat desktop surface (or some plywood). Next, decorate these items in any way, color scheme, or pattern that you want! Set up some lighting or place a lamp on the desk and run an extension to the nearest outlet. If your closet already has a light, try switching it out for something more visually appealing. Now, install some floating shelves. Does your closet have built in ones? Utilize those! Depending on the level of effort you want to put in, you can also paint or tape up patterned paper on the walls to create a more customized feel to the space. Finally, steal a chair from your kitchen and you are all set!

Nook Desk

If all else fails, you can easily create a tiny office nook in just about any room that is designated for your computer, like the tiny office space above. It may not be the best office space, but it will do the job for the tasks that need to be done from home!


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