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So you’ve found the perfect short-term rental for your trip from, but you aren’t sure what to do in your new city. What to do? What to eat? What to visit? We’ve compiled a list of a few super helpful apps to make your upcoming visit an entertaining one!

AroundMe – This app constantly updates to your surroundings and location. It allows you to quickly find out information about everything around you. Find popular nearby restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gas stations, ATM locations, movie theaters, and much more with a simple search.

Wi-Fi Finder – Concerned about using up all of your monthly data? We all are. However, in a new city data tends to go even quicker than normal with all your internet-ing trying to find things to do. Wi-Fi Finder is a simple solution that shows you where you can easily find free or paid wi-fi connections throughout a city to help keep your data bill down for the month.

MetrO – Don’t have a personal vehicle for your short-term stay? No problem. MetrO helps you make sense of the public transportation options near you. Search routes for the subway, bus, tram, etc. Figuring out each area’s transportation options can be tricky, this makes life simple.

Time to Enjoy – Looking for fun events to attend or cool people to meet at your new location? Time to Enjoy allows you to search for fun events during specific times you search for to fit your schedule. There is no easier way to find out exactly what your new location offers and meet up with people who share your interests.

Apps can certainly make a new move a lot less stressful and help to make you feel comfortable in a short amount of time. However, there is still no replacing simply getting out there and exploring. Go get lost in your new city and let the sights and sounds come to you!


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