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So you landed the big job? Congrats, you can finally breathe deeply. The interview process is complete. That being said, there is still one large hurdle that lies in front of you. The dreaded relocation move. Moving isnt ever the most fun thing in the world, but moving because of a new job can add even more stress to the situation. Are your finances in order? Will you meet any new friends? How will you find your way around your new city? Rest easy, we have 5 relocation tips that will help make your upcoming move a little less worrisome.


Hopefully your new job is offering some help in the way of relocation help or compensation. However, if not, there are a few things to keep in mind to save up for, such as, security deposits and moving truck rentals. Also be sure to have a few weeks of living money saved, as well, since it can sometimes take a couple pay periods for you to receive your paycheck at the new job.


Packing might be the average person’s least favorite part about moving. However, this is the perfect time to downsize your life. Donate unused items, throw away clutter, and give away things to friends. Additionally, as you are packing and planning your move, use this moving checklist from to help keep yourself organized during the move.


When it comes time to learn the lay of the land, try dropping the smartphone and GPS. Its important to learn landmarks and get a feel for your new area. Try to learn it without the help of mapping. If you get lost or simply need recommendation, always ask locals first; they know more than any online forum you read ahead of time, and can show you shortcuts that your GPS may not be aware of.

Take a few days to just get lost in your new city and discover everything it has to offer. Its important not to stay cooped up, this will help curb the feeling of homesickness!


As we just discussed, locals know best. Put yourself out there in your new community and meet as many people as possible. Go to the local bars, restaurants, and stores. Be nice to the employees, tip well, and get to know the owners. You never know what future opportunities this could open up, and you may meet some great friends along the show. Dive head first into the new city and its culture.

Staying in Touch

The single largest contributing factor to you settling in to your new environment is staying in touch with the people you just left behind. Thanks to video chatting, staying in touch is easier than ever. However, it will be important to set up a regular schedule, especially at first. Even the most independent of spirits will quickly feel the pains of homesickness and simply staying in touch can keep your spirits up; and give you the energy to continue to explore your new city.

So don’t let the upcoming move fill you with anxiety. Will minimal effort and the right attitude, relocating because of a new job can actually turn into the adventure of a lifetime. Settle in, find your niche, and explore your new home from the outside-in.

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