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So you’ve found a place to stay for a short period of time. Even though it’s short-term, staying in a space that feels sterile and not as cozy as your home can impact not only your stress levels but your motivation, drive, ability to sleep, and more. Making your space truly yours requires some changes, but those changes are easily achievable with these five easy decor solutions!


Image Sources: Tree Tapestry, Night Sky Tapestry, Floral Tapestry

So you most likely aren’t able to hang a painting (don’t want to put holes in the wall), but you may be able to use some thumb tacks to hang up a beautiful tapestry to help set the new mood for your temporary home. Whether you go for a bohemian look, would like a “city-view,” or are feeling the nature, tapestries can be an easy way to completely transform your space!

Image Source: Ocean View Tapestry


Image Source: DIY Wooden Framed Mirror

Not only does size matter with mirrors, but style does, too! Imagining a body size mirror with interesting detail on the gold frame? Talk about glamming things up during your temporary stay! It’s an easy way to add some light, expand the size of your new home, or add a rustic, modern, glamorous feel the space.

Stand-Up Frames

Image Source: Bird Painting on Easel

If your temporary home is furnished but you can’t hang things on the wall – no worries! You can still achieve a similar look by placing artwork, words of inspiration, or photos in stand-up frames. You can also get a simple easel and put a wall art piece on that instead.


Image Source: Bohemian Throw Pillows

This is probably the easiest solution to spicing up your temporary space. You don’t even need to buy new pillows. Just find a few varieties of pillow slipcovers to transform the colors, designs, etc. with the seasons or mood.

Image Source: Floral Pillows for Bedrooms


Image Source: Colorful Bedroom Decor

Also, just as simple of an idea to transform a space with a pop of color. When you’re not using it, have a decorative basket nearby to store the blankets in. These baskets alone are an easy way to add some style to your space.

There you have it! Five super simple ways to transform any very temporary home without breaking the bank or using up much space while still adding tons of style and unique personality tailored to you!

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