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After years of just seeing airports, hotels, corporate parks, restaurants, and bars you’re ready to make the most of your business travel and get in some of the city’s culture. Here are 6 of the top things you must do in Dallas, Texas if you only have 5 hours to spare.

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Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Chances are you’ll be flying back home, so why not get the hassle of travel time and check-in out of the way and then get in a last-minute workout before being crammed on a 2-5 hour flight home? DFW has a walking path and free 24-hour yoga studio between Terminals B and D. It may sound like you’re not getting much of the Dallas experience, but the airport also has a variety of restaurants, shops, and even live music that is unique to Dallas, too. With an airport the size of Manhattan, you’re sure to find something to peak your interest for 5 hours.

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Main Street in Downtown

What you really want to do is SEE Dallas, not just the airport, right? Head downtown to the Main Street District where you can eat, shop, and even take in some history. Many of the buildings have been restored and repurposed while keeping their original architecture. This is the best way to see the old and new Dallas.

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West End District

A more popular tourist area of Downtown Dallas, the West End District is best known for many of its landmarks commemorating JFK. From the JFK Memorial Plaza to the 6th Floor Dealey Plaza Museum on Elm Street, there are lots to experience and learn about the infamous November 22nd afternoon. Other famous landmarks include Reunion Tower (aka the Big Ball on the Skyline) and the newly re-opened Observation Deck.

Dallas World Aquarium

While you’re down at the West End, visit the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo. Not only will you see and learn about species from the darkest corners of the planet, but also about the indigenous people that live among them. DWA houses many endangered and threatened species and is part of a world cooperative breeding program to aid conservation.


Just north of DFW is the small city of Grapevine, Texas. Easy to get to via free airport shuttle, you can take in the downtown area filled with locally-owned restaurants, bars, and shops. And what’s in a name? Be sure to stop by one of several wine tasting rooms.

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Fort Worth Stockyards

If you want to get the true cowboy experience, head over to Fort Worth just outside of Dallas. The Fort Worth Stockyards are historical and known for being a major hub for cattle herders and a major stop on the railroads in the 1800s. Not only are the buildings, restaurants, and stores western-style fashioned, but you might also get to see one of the two daily longhorns drive through the streets.

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For those of you who have visited or are from Dallas, what are some of your favorite Dallas must do’s? Share in the comment section.

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