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After years of just seeing airports, hotels, corporate parks, restaurants, and bars you’re ready to make the most of your business travel and get in some of the city’s culture. Here are 6 of the top things you must do in Houston, Texas if you only have 5 hours to spare.

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If Houston is known for anything it is its eclectic selection of food. Being close to the gulf, you can get some fresh seafood at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. And with Houston’s proximity to Louisiana, you’re sure to find some good cajun cuisine such as Gumbo Jeaux’s. But it wouldn’t be Texas without some homemade BBQ. Try Jimee’s BBQ or Killen’s BBQ, both near the airport.

Heritage Society

Specializing in historical homes, landmarks, and other places throughout Houston, The Heritage Society provides a deep and rich look at the city’s past and its importance to the nation. Through guided tours and documentary films, you’ll learn much about Houston’s culturally diverse population as we know it today.

Kemah Boardwalk

A tourists’ favorite, Kemah Boardwalk is home to unique restaurants, amusement attractions, shops, and events for all walks of life. Only 20 miles from downtown, the Boardwalk is open daily, providing a scenic view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Downtown Aquarium

This 500,000-gallon aquarium has it all. The Downtown Aquarium provides a surplus of fun with exhibits of over 200 species, a restaurant, a high-end bar, carnival-like rides, retail stores, and more. From stingrays and white tigers to sushi and funnel cakes, there’s not a whole lot you couldn’t find here.

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Houston Zoo

For a more traditional animal experience, stop by the Houston Zoo. Home to over 6,000 animals, the Zoo spans across 55-acres and connects you with a variety of ecosystems from across the globe.

NASA Johnson Space Center

If you’re into modern history, the NASA Johnson Space Center is definitely a must do. A 250,000 square foot educational complex and museum, you’ll get to learn all the numbers and technology it takes to launch mankind into space. Plus, see over 400 pieces of space artifacts like the Apollo 17 Command Module, lunar samples, and much more.

Have a little more time to spend in Houston? Here are even more must do’s to consider if you’re on an extended stay.

For those of you who have visited or are from Houston, what are some of your favorite must do’s? Share in the comment section.

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