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So, you’re going to be out of town for a couple of weeks, maybe months, maybe even up to a year, and you need a place to stay. Scratch that – not just a place to stay, but a place to call home. A home away from home! Corporate housing is the way to go. What else would you do? Rent out a hotel room night after night after night? No way. Those costs would be extremely high. Corporate housing provides you with an apartment to make your own while you are away from your friends and family.

Here are the seven questions you need to ask before you move into your corporate housing home.

Is it furnished or unfurnished?

Depending on how long you’re staying, this question really matters! If you’re staying for a long time, you may want your own comforts from home – a favorite loveseat, your own bedding, your desk, etc. If the place is furnished, it’s still easy to make it your own. Bring some of your favorite pictures, books, lamps, fresh flowers, and knickknacks.

Is it an apartment, a condominium or a house?

This is important to know because many things differ among these three. Do you have to take your trash out to be picked up? Do you have a landlord who will fix leaky faucets? Are utilities included in the price? Are pets allowed? All good questions to ask.

How long is the “lease”?

This depends, of course, on how long you need a home away from home. Many apartments are yearly leases, but that often differs for corporate housing. Figure out what is best for you. Month-to-month may be your best option. Or, see if you can find a six-month lease and then go month-to-month from there.

What packages do you provide?

Packages can often be customized to your needs. Some may (or may not) include: furniture, utilities, linens, private bathroom, gym, transportation, meals, kitchen supplies, etc.

Is there insurance?

When you settle on your corporate housing home away from home, see if the owner provides any kind of insurance. When you are in your own house and you spill on the couch or break the sink, that’s on you. But how does that work in your home away from home? Are accidents included in the price you pay to stay there? Good to know!

Is there a property manager?

Whom can you call with questions or concerns? Do you go directly to the person who owns the property, or is there someone who handles the daily ins and outs such as dealing with vacancies, screening potential renters, taking care of maintenance issues, collecting rent, etc.

Do you have a city guide?

Last but certainly not least are the city guides. Where do you go for dinner in San Antonio? What are the best running trails in Seattle? Who has the best live music in Atlanta? Chances are, when you settle into corporate housing, it’s in a place you’ve never been or a place with which you are unfamiliar.

Get off the couch and go exploring! Ask your corporate housing provider if they have a city guide with the best shopping, coffee, bars, restaurants, museums, beaches, tourist attractions, etc.

If you can’t be at home, at least you can make your home away from home as enjoyable as possible!


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  1. Lois Fowler says:

    I am in need of a short term furnished rental with washer and dryer from January 20 through April 30 and possibly a couple of weeks in May. I sold my house and have to be out by Jan 20 and my new house will not be ready until April 15 or later depending on the weather.

    Do you have anything to fit this need within 20 miles of the Hanover, MD area?

    • Hi, Lois! Thanks for reaching out to with your question. We ran a search for you in the Hanover, MD area for the dates you specified and came up with this:
      We have one listing in Hanover, MD and six other listings in the Baltimore metro area. Click the BLUE “Check Availability” button and fill out your brief info. Someone will get back to you shortly. Best of luck with your short-term housing search!

  2. Cindy Bennett says:

    Just moved from Germany. Our furniture will not get here till till mid June or july. Need a place to stay . Looking in the areas of Allen, Richardson, Plano, Frisco or Arlington. Thank you. Cindy Bennett. Looking to spend 1800 a month or lower if possible.

  3. Nicole Taylor says:

    HI ,

    My question is regarding rental criteria, what requirements must be met by the tenant for corporate housing? Is it similar to leasing an apartment? I’ll be looking for something in the San Antonio, TX area near UTSA/ La cantera area. Abt help would be fantastic.

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