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The noble cocktail: an all-too-forgotten libation of a bygone era. Sure, we’ve all had a love affair with a great beer in a town like Denver, but sometimes you want a little more. These days, a properly made cocktail (read: quality liquor, house-made mixers, and proper construction) has made a welcome comeback. Though there are countless cities that can hold the cocktail torch, we’ve assembled a list of some classic drinking towns and the notable spots that make them worthy of a trip for a drink (or three).


A hub for much of the Prohibition drama that the U.S. saw during the 1930s, the Windy City has never quite shaken its love of a quality-made drink.

Notable Spot:


955 W. Fulton Market, Chicago

The brainchild of culinary wunderkind Grant Achatz, Aviary is the go-to spot in Chicago for unique, modern and, above all, delicious cocktails. Though not a traditional “Chicago spot,” your visit will be rewarded with drinks as expertly and inventively crafted as his Michelin star cuisine.

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New York

You better believe that with a nickname like “The City That Never Sleeps,” New York is going to have a proper selection of quality cocktails to keep you going into the wee hours.

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Notable Spot:

Booker and Dax

207 2nd Ave. (entrance on 13th Street), New York City

Brought to you by Momofuku’s David Chang, this spot plays homage to classic drinks with a unique mix of modern techniques. Centrifuges and flaming pockets are just part of the showmanship that goes into making each drink not only delicious but entertaining to watch being made.

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With the blazing heat of summers in Texas, it’s no surprise that Austin is a drinker’s town. Known for its counterculture music and arts scene, there’s no shortage of fantastic dives and upscale joints for you to sit and enjoy one (or many) heat-beating drinks.

Notable Spot:


207 E. 53rd St., Austin

With a cocktail menu that rotates seasonally, you’d be wise to pop in at this bar at least a few times a year to avoid missing out on its latest creations. One of the more upscale spots in Austin, Drink.Well. isn’t overly fussy, with drinks named for some of its most loyal regulars and staff who pride themselves on memorizing the favorites of return customers.

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In a city traditionally known for brewing, Portland’s cocktail culture might be overshadowed but never overlooked. With a strong emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, you can spend a lifetime bar-hopping your way through this city.

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Notable Spot:

Clyde Common and Pepe le Moko

1014 SW Stark St., Portland

Attached to the Ace Hotel’s Portland flagship, Clyde Common’s bar  is helmed by Jeffrey Morganthaler, a man who practically wrote the book on modern mixology. Look for barrel-aged cocktails, and if you’re unsure, put yourself in the hands of the knowledgeable staff. Below Clyde Common is the new Pepe le Moko, a basement bar that’s out to revive the reputations of classic cocktails like the old fashioned and daiquiris.

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