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Let’s face it. If you’re traveling to a new city for work for a few weeks, you won’t be bringing a ton of stuff, but if you’re going for a couple months to half a year, then you’re going to have to pack a couple season’s worth of clothing. Your short-term apartment may or may not provide an abundant amount of closet space, so you’re left with little room to hang clothing and the rest has to fit on a dresser. Good news is that free-standing closets are in now and many renters in small apartments utilize these sort of closets not just for a short-term stay but for their entire year to multiple year-long leases. If you want walking distance to everything, then you’ll have to pay up for more room and more closet space or get crafty with your organization skills. Here are three “closets” to help you unpack.

1. DIY Wooden and Copper Rack


-5 pieces of lumber measuring 6′ in length (1″x3″x6′); cut the last piece in half

-3/4″ copper rod, measuring 10′ in length (it’s cheaper to buy one long rod instead of individual pieces)

-E6000 adhesive

-Staple gun or hammer and small nails

Gather all of your lumber and copper rod at your home improvement store. Most stores will cut all the lumber and copper rod down to size.

Ask the store to drill a hole for you: 1″ to accommodate the 3/4″ copper pipe, making sure to double the holes on the last piece that was cut in half.

You can also ask them to cut the copper pipe into thirds.

Check out the full DIY clothing rack tutorial for more details.


2. DIY All Copper Piping Rack

Image Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Get copper pipes at your local hardware store to make this awesome rack! By adding baskets on the bottom metal rack, you can add more items in there to keep things organized and tucked away.


3. DIY Metal Rack With Wooden Shelf

Go one step up from an all-metal rack by adding a wooden shelf to the bottom of the rack. This will allow you to place more items on it, such as a shoe rack, bins, and boxes.

Image Source: In Honor of Design


Wood for your base
-2 – 2x2x8 (or 2x4x6) for extra support under the base
-3 – 3/4in x 5ft black pipe
-2 – 3/4in 90 degree black pipe elbow
-2 – 3/4in threaded floor flange
-1 – box of screws (The length depends on the thickness of the wood chosen for the base.)
-4 – wheels
-2 – spray paint for the metal
-Stain and varnish or finishing oil of your choice
-Power drill

Visit In Honor of Design for the full tutorial.

Don’t let the size of the apartment intimidate you! Adding a clothing rack is great for any space but ideal for a small space lacking in closet size. Got a studio apartment? Then a clothing rack can also be used as a separation between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment.

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