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Moving for a job and waiting to sell or rent your house back home? That can certainly add a huge layer of stress on top of everything else running through your mind. Here we will provide tips on how to find corporate housing, extended stays, or temporary housing when you are in between homes and how to make the most of it.

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Get organized before moving for a job

Other than finding a new home, there is a laundry list of actions that also have to be put in place, undoubtedly all at once, too. Learning about the city you’re moving for a job to is one of them. Additionally, if you have a family, see what opportunities there are for your spouse and research the schools for your children. You’ll also want to map out any routes you’ll need to take daily and other important factors that may affect you on a day-to-day basis. Take into account the differences in costs of living, from taxes to gas prices and insurance premiums, too.

It’s hard to learn about a new location without actually spending time there, so if you have the means, consider visiting your new city as often as you can, network, meet your new potential neighbors, ask your new coworkers about their insights and other things you need to do to get established that you may not have already thought about. And keep an active To Do list. If you cannot visit your new location as often as you’d like, do your research online and read the local newspapers. The better prepared you can be, the less stress you’ll experience.

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Make use of resources available to you

If you are moving for a job, there’s a good chance your employer offers relocation services or can point you in the right direction. Some employers may even cover the costs of flying you out to your new city to get situated and to sell or rent your old home and buy or rent a new one. If your employer doesn’t outright offer this type of assistance, ask. Ask them if they offer any reimbursements or if they use certain vendors to help employees relocate. Get as much detail as you can about your big move so that if your employer does help you, you can negotiate some key issues that may be out of your reach.

You may not even be ready to buy a new home, but instead, rent one. This isn’t a bad idea since anything can happen and your mind may change your mind about your new job or new location. For this, it’s a good idea to look into short-term rentals, temporary housing, and extended stays. And can help. Whether it’s helping you find furnished apartments or a privately-owned house to rent, we make finding short-term housing easy.

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Why consider short-term housing?

Two words; fully furnished. Many temporary housing and extended stay options come fully furnished that not only makes the transition less stressful, but it feels like home. Oh, and many offer amenities that help save you money and have fun! Some of these include light housekeeping, pools, fitness and business centers, and laundry facilities. It’s like staying at a hotel, but with more privacy.

Like most hotels, the locations are prime real estate, set in areas that are safe and close to stores, restaurants, entertainment, attractions, big businesses, and highways and airports to make commuting easy. Additionally, you can book temporary housing at a rate more economically friendly on your wallet than if you were to try to rent an apartment for less than a year.

All of these benefits allow you to save more money while you get acclimated because you won’t have to deal with deposits, insurance costs, utilities, and city taxes while you wait to buy or rent a new home. Since temporary stays are booked by nights rather than months, you won’t have to deal with the stress of breaking a lease and losing your deposit, plus move in/out fees.

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