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Maybe you just graduated, or perhaps you’re testing the waters between the years of attaining your undergraduate degree. Whatever your reasons for seeking and landing an internship opportunity, if it involves relocating, then finding a temporary home in a new city may be your biggest concern of the moment.

Settling logistical concerns regarding where you will be living and how you will be paying for it may trump just about everything else as you prepare for what may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Unless you were lucky (and talented or connected) enough to land an internship gig with one of the big Silicon Valley hotshots like Facebook, Google, or Apple, you may be on your own for finding lodging for the duration of your stay in a brand new city. Some employers will offer assistance when it comes to finding temporary housing, but in many cases, you will need to take care of it on your own.

In this article, we will discuss corporate housing for interns, the industries that are most likely to provide housing for their interns, long-term housing options, and how to find housing on your own in a new city during the period of an internship.

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Corporate Housing for Interns

Interns make up the second largest group currently utilizing long-term corporate housing, after those relocating to a new city to further their career. This is a doubly impressive statistic when you consider that the overwhelming majority of internships are only offered during the summer months.

Many companies are realizing that offering partial or fully covered housing and even, in some cases, relocation assistance for interns, is a best practice that sets them apart from the competition, who may all be seeking to attract the best and brightest for their internship programs.

The five industries that are most likely to support their interns with fully- or partially-covered long-term corporate housing are:

  •      Technology

As mentioned above, corporate tech giants like Facebook, Apple, and Google are leading the way in terms of attracting the best and brightest young minds by taking care of housing during internship programs. But this isn’t only a Silicon Valley phenomenon, as big tech companies in the Silicon Forest (Portland and Seattle) are also investing in their interns in this manner.

  •      Healthcare

 The healthcare field is also getting behind the idea of offering relocation assistance and long-term corporate housing to attract the brightest young people looking to enter their field.

  •      Law, Government, Lobbying, and Finance

Rounding out the rest of the internships likely to come with a housing stipend or fully paid long-term corporate housing are the finance industry (chiefly in New York) and the hub of law, government, and lobbying that’s located in Washington D.C.

Again, corporate interns make up 21% of all those currently using corporate housing in America. After all, for companies and employers looking to bring in the brightest minds for what amounts to an extended working interview, it only makes sense to take care of their basic needs, freeing them up to show you their best side.

With housing provided for the intern, they show up to work unencumbered by the stress of having to worry about potentially stressful things like finding shelter.

Housing Through Your School or Shared Housing Opportunities

Do not despair, however, if your industry of choice isn’t high tech, finance, healthcare, or law because you may still land an internship with an employer that gets it. And, if you have your heart set on working for a company that can’t afford to cover intern living expenses fully for whatever reason, you may be able to find housing assistance through your college or find a shared living opportunity with other interns.

Simply because your company isn’t paying for it doesn’t mean you can’t have the same level of long-term corporate housing as your peers, who are joining the teeming throngs in Silicon Valley.

Making the Most of Your Internship Opportunity

Getting the most out of an internship requires that you be at your best for the duration of your temporary stay in your new city. Addressing your basic needs by securing a comfortable, safe, and clean place to live, either through your employer, your school, or on your own, is a great first step toward maximizing this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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