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According to data from the Corporate Housing Providers Association, travel nurses and other healthcare workers account for 6% of all corporate housing guests in the U.S. As the baby boom generation continues to age into their senior years and require more healthcare, experts expect this number to increase. Furthermore, as rural and remote communities continue to reduce in population size, the need for traveling or mobile healthcare workers of all kinds will increase.

As the call for more mobile nurses and other healthcare workers increases, the call for increased flexibility in placement and duration of assignment will continue to be driven by the bubble of patients moving through the system, as well. This will also require an increase in the availability of temporary long-term housing options for healthcare workers.

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The Life of a Travel Nurse

The life of a travel nurse includes great pay, good benefits in most cases, and some amazing perks. Prime among the perks, of course, is the opportunity to travel itself. But for many, the types of housing offered can make or break the experience of traveling to and inhabiting a different part of the country or world.

Some travel nurses are content to move from assignment to assignment, accepting whatever housing the hiring agency has lined up, so long as they get to experience life in new and exciting environments. For most others, though, making the most out of their living arrangements is the foundation on which their travel nurse experience is built.

Finding Temporary Housing with Your Travel Nurse Agency

With many of the non-specialized jobs that may be available to travel nurses just out of school or with some clinical experience but no experience as a travel nurse, housing may only be available as part of the package deal with the agency.

Not all agencies are created equal, though, and many will try to maximize their profit by getting travel nurses and other traveling healthcare professionals to accept an assignment with less than stellar accommodations. Other agencies will be a step better, offering to negotiate housing as a part of the overall package and offering their travel nurses a variety of options when it comes to accommodations.

The best agencies allow their nurses to find their own housing and reimburse them through stipends or via a per diem.

Finding Temporary Housing on Your Own

Depending on the hiring agency that you are working with when lining up your next position as a travel nurse, you may have options well beyond the take-it-or-leave-it housing that some agencies offer.

With the really good agencies, you are free to use your stipend to cover some or all of the cost of shared housing, long-term corporate housing, or an apartment.

For many travel nurses on shorter assignments, however, a long-term corporate housing may be the best overall option, combining the livability of an apartment or home with many of the amenities of a hotel, and at a cost that will fit most budgets.

Make the Most of Your Ability to Travel

Remember, your experience of a city, town, or rural area will be greatly influenced by the lodgings you come home to after working hard.

Make the most of your next assignment by thoroughly examining your housing options as a travel nurse. You may be able to get the best possible accommodations for you covered as a part of your contract. At the very least, it’s well worth investigating.

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