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Other than the packing, traveling, unpacking, making room for all your stuff dilemma, cooking can sometimes be totally forgotten about until you’ve arrived in your extended stay, and find yourself in a situation where you have no cooking utensils or equipment, and now have to roam around the new city purchasing these small essential appliances and meal planning at the last minute. I’m sure many of us have experienced meal planning at the last minute, so we are well aware that last minute meals also tend to be the least healthiest. If you want to ensure you still fit in the 2 pairs of jeans you brought with you, here’s a guide to cooking in your new space; temporary space that is!

Extended stay lifestyle

Extended Stay Kitchen Equipment

You more often than not get the basics and sometimes more. But you should always prepare for basics only. This includes:


-Small fridge

-Coffee maker

-Toaster (possibly)

Did you know some places may provide more upon request? Try asking for these items, or bring with you:


-Cutting board and knife


-Mixing bowl

-Panini grill (if there’s no stove)

Utensils to bring for an extended stay

Apartment style extended stays are not only furnished (more often than not), but they also provide a legitimate kitchen, sometimes very small but at least there’s a stove! So if there is a stove, I suggest asking if these items are provided:



-Cooking utensils

-Silverware or flatware


-Drinking glasses

If there’s a whole kitchen available, it’s not uncommon to ask about the basic cooking supplies provided.


The Most Basic Grocery List

Grocery list for an extended stay

Stick to this list, that way you’re not over-buying and wasting food. Especially if your short-term stay is an awkward length period. This list will help your meals stay nutritious and healthy, but keep in mind, if your extended stay does not have a stove then some of these options are not ideal. You also don’t need ALL the items below. If you don’t eat meat, then beans and tofu are protein choices, if you do eat meat then you don’t necessarily need to purchase tofu unless you’d like to.






Make sure to add tomatoes to your grocery list



-Bell peppers





-Deli meat



-Tofu or tempeh


Oatmeal for breakfast - Extended Stay Lifestyle

-Whole wheat, flax, or spelt bread

-Quinoa pasta


-Brown Rice

-Asian rice noodles








-Dried herbs

-Pasta sauce



-Almond milk



Quick and Easy Meal Solutions

With a blender, you can make yourself smoothies for breakfast or as a snack. It’s filling and nutritious and super quick.

With a panini grill or stove top, you can make yourself a panini for lunch and dinner. Also a quick and easy meal.

Easy panini sandwiches - Extended Stay Lifestyle

For dinner, you can make yourself pasta with mushrooms, spinach, cheese, and a protein source. If you don’t have a stove in your extended stay, consider using asian rice noodles instead. Most of them just need to be soaked in hot water which you can get on tap or make in the coffee maker (just make sure it’s washed out and has no coffee residue in it.)


Stay tuned for more tips on living the traveler’s lifestyle in extended stays!

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