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In 2017 alone, there were over 20,000 flights canceled. If you’re on the road, going from location to location for extended contracting jobs in different cities, there is a high chance that you yourself may miss a flight — or 10 — this upcoming year. Sure, missing a flight is a pain, but it also could be critical if you have to be at work on time. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in the event something goes awry. Luckily, there are networks of transportation apps and services at your disposal in the Apple App or Google Play Store. Here’s a look at the top 12 travel apps that’ll help you when unexpected delays hit.

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FlightAware Flight Tracker

This free to download, free to use app tracks all airline flights, as well as charters and private flights, giving you up-to-date airport delays and flight statuses from all over the world. FlightAware also gives you the option to enter your flight to customize your travel, and with notifications and flight alerts to stay in the know.

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App in the Air

App in the Air is dubbed as the “personal flight assistant” that helps track your flight from check-in to landing. It features Timeline, which helps keep you on track to avoid delays, and it notifies you of any changes in your flight schedule. Even if you do not have an Internet connection, you will still receive notifications via text messaging.


SkyScanner is a free search tool that helps you find cheap flights with major airlines, even if you have to book a flight last minute. Need a rental car? This app also compares and finds the best deals for car rentals, plus sign up for their weekly newsletter to keep the deals and travel tips coming.

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One of the best day-of travel apps that helps you navigate through over 204 airports, GateGuru helps you view flight details, current weather and delays, check security wait times, and sort through airport maps. It even has an amenity feature that lets you know what eateries and coffee shops are close to your gate!


This app is much like the other flight tracking apps already mentioned, except this one also gives you discounts on food and other shopping perks. Plus, you can track your frequent flier miles for different airlines in one place. Speaking of tracking, Flio also tracks down where to spot free WiFi.

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Transit is an app that notifies you of subway train departures for nearby lines. It also provides you with the best lines and stops for your personal destination. Transit even links you to rideshare and bikeshare apps in case you’re tired of walking and want to change up your travel method.


In a new town and not sure how to get around? CityMapper connects you with the local public transit to help you maneuver through the city to get you right where you need to be, and on time. Know how much fares are, travel time, stops closest to your destination, and even other transport options that can get you to your destination faster and easier.


If you’re driving your own vehicle or renting one, ParkWhiz is a good app to have on your smartphone that will help you find the best parking. It compares prices and lets you book a parking spot in garages in bigger cities with daily and/or monthly parking rates.


Don’t have time to wait for the subway or bus? Uber, one of the better-known ridesharing apps, helps get you where you need to be in minutes, and often at a lower fare than taxis. No parking, no waiting. Simply request a ride and input your destination and within minutes, or booked ahead of time, your ride is there ready for you.


Lyft is another ridesharing app with competitive prices. This ride-on-demand app also provides discounts and deals often. You can even request a ride up to 7 days ahead of your scheduled flight!

amtrak app


The Amtrak app lets you do it all from the convenience of your phone. You can book trips, check train schedules and up-to-the-minute statuses, search station information, present your e-ticket without the need to print it, and so much more.


The Greyhound app lets you access important information about your personal bus trip, along with letting you book future trips. It also lets you see details for upcoming trips, station information, and track buses. Sign up for their Road Rewards program for discounts and more.

Bonus: DUFL

For those who hate packing, DUFL does it for you! Even the dry cleaning. Simply sign upfor a welcome kit, receive a large suitcase to pack with all your business travel clothes, and send back to the DUFL warehouse. They photograph and inventory your suitcase, and when you’re ready to travel you enter your destination and once you arrive at your hotel, or extended stay booked through, your suitcase will be there waiting on you. No more lost luggage or having to deal with check-in and carry on dilemmas.

Do you have trusted travel apps that help you on business trips? Share in the comment section.

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