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Corporate Housing is defined as an often-furnished apartment, condominium, hotel-style building or house made available for rent on a temporary basis and billed on a daily, weekly or monthly rate.  They generally have a minimum night stay, most providers on operate with a 30 day minimum.


Many companies use corporate housing as a means of providing safe and comfortable long-term or short-term housing to their employees. Employees may be relocating or on a temporary contract assignment. Corporate apartments are conveniently and often luxuriously furnished to serve the needs of frequent travelers and those seeking extended stay near major employers or metro areas.

These units are fully furnished and may even include additional features with rent, such as free Wifi, laundry, housekeeping service, on-site restaurants, daily breakfasts or happy hour.

Other terms for corporate housing are extended-stay, corporate apartments, corporate rentals, short-term housing, month-to-month apartments, weekly rentals, and vacation rentals.

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  1. Cornerstone Family Solutions says:

    I have seen some corporate housing nightmares in this business. I know the quality of the housing depends on what the employer can afford but some are just over priced hotels. It is nice to come across a company that values quality for their clients. Being relocated or traveling for extended periods of time can be stressful. Having an upscale, worry free place to stay makes all the difference in the world.

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