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There is a lot that goes into planning for an extended trip, especially when the extended translates into being away for a couple of weeks, a month or even more. Preparing your house or apartment involves various things that need to be turned off/unplugged, cleared out and adjusted in all the rooms.

Here is a list of some tasks that you might want to consider doing for your home before you leave. This will also help relieve any anxiety you may have with leaving your place unattended for a while. Another pro to this is that it will also save some money on your housing expenses!

Turn Off:/Unplug: It’s good practice to unplug lights, electronics, appliances, and shut down anything else that can potentially cause damage to your home. Try to avoid Murphy’s Law! In addition, you’ll thank yourself when you see a smaller electrical bill.

– Unplug lights such as table and floor lamps.

– Unplug electronics such as the television, computers, sound systems, and more. This will avoid any electrical damage caused by a storm.

– Unplug kitchen appliances such as the microwave, toaster, coffee maker, blender, and any other appliances you may have.

– If you are a home owner, turn off the main water valve (unless some items need it) to avoid water leaks from occurring. Turn off your gas as well to avoid any gas leaks. Before doing any of this, make sure to educate yourself if this is a good decision for your home, and then on how to properly turn them on and off.

Clear Out: Take a look into your pantry and refrigerator for foods that will spoil or get invaded by those little pests while you are away. Its not fun to come home to a plethora of spoiled food. Its time for tossing before you leave!

-Pantry: toss out any boxes and bags that are opened or put it all into plastic bags to avoid little creatures creeping into those opened food items.

-Refrigerator: get rid of perishables that have a short shelf life such as milk, fruit, vegetables, etc.

Adjust: Change the settings for the air conditioner and the water heater. These are, by far, a few of the most important items to think about when you are prepping for departure.

-Air Conditioner: this plays such a key role in our homes and on the electrical bill. Adjust the thermostat to over 80 degrees to save some money on your bill.

-If you are a home owner,adjust the settings on your water heater by setting the temperature to ‘vacation mode.’ This mode allows the water heater to only run occasionally.

Ensuring the safety of your current home is very important. To help with this process, make a checklist of what you deem important to shut off/unplug, clear out, and adjust before you go away for your trip. Be anxiety-free knowing that that you have checked everything off on your list and you can now focus on the list to cover during your extended stay.

Safe travels!

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